There are many myths and misconceptions about behaviors and items that may or may not contribute to baldness. One common culprit in these tales is hats.

Whether it’s a sporty baseball cap, a football helmet, or a knitted winter beanie… headwear is often implicated in hair loss. But does wearing a hat really cause baldness? No. Can hats make hair loss worse? Maybe. And are there hats that actually promote hair growth? Surprisingly, yes!

Do Hats Make Hair Loss Worse?

If your headwear fits properly, it’s highly unlikely it will cause you to go bald. It can, however, speed up hair loss that’s already happening.

Taking off or putting on a hat, especially a close-fitting one, can cause tension on hairs that are already stressed. If your hair is in the telogen (shedding) phase, or if your follicles are miniaturized, this is more likely than if your hair is healthy and in its anagen (growth) phase. An extremely tight hat can also cut off air and blood flow to your scalp, but this is highly unlikely, and would only serve to accelerate existing hair loss, not initiate it.

Another way that headwear can damage your hair is when a cap, wig, turban, kippah, or scarf is secured with clips or hairpins. These can weaken hair and cause traction alopecia, a type of hair loss caused by pulling strands and straining follicles. If you wear any of these types of headwear, try not to clip or pin them too tightly and alternate the location where you attach them to your hair – if possible – so you aren’t repeatedly stressing the same area.

Does Wearing a Hat Help Hair Grow?

In some circumstances there may be indirect benefits to wearing a hat. A properly fitting hat can keep your hair healthy by protecting your scalp from sun damage and extreme cold – both of which can stress your follicles.

The only type of hat that is proven to grow hair is one designed specifically for that purpose. Low-level laser technology has been incorporated into a “hair growth hat,” as well as more precise hand-held devices. Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is an option that has been used for those experiencing male and female pattern hair loss. Red laser light stimulates and energizes the cells in the hair follicle, which helps stabilize and slow the progression of this type of hair loss. For those starting to lose their hair, a laser hat for hair growth may help depending upon the type and severity of hair loss.

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