Dallas Men’s Health provides a range of financing options to make men’s enhancement and aesthetic treatments more affordable to patients. We understand that each individual’s financial situation is unique, and offer a variety of payment plans to accommodate different budgets and needs. This flexibility ensures that patients can choose the treatment options that best suit them without financial constraints being a major barrier.

Payment Options

Buy now and Pay later with Affirm

Buy now and Pay later with Affirm. Available through our VIP PROGRAM, this option requires a soft credit check but will never result in a hard credit check. Affirm has the highest approval rates in the industry and only takes a few minutes in the office. The interest rates are competitive with credit lines up to $20,000. Guaranteed 0% interest for 6 months for ALL patients!

In-house financing with 0% interest

We offer in-house financing with 0% interest and no credit check. To take advantage of this option, a deposit of 50% is required prior to the services being performed. The remaining balance can be paid in two installments: 25% is due 30 days after the date of service, and the remaining 25% balance is due 60 days after the service date. If you would like to know more about this option, you can call our office at (214) 894-1008 or text us at (877) 824-0362.

Lending Club for flexible financing options

Dallas Mens Health now partners with Lending Club for flexible financing options. This service allows you to manage your healthcare expenses without the immediate financial burden. Lending Club offers competitive rates and terms, with the possibility of 0% interest promotions. Approval can be quick, ensuring you receive the care you need without delay. For more details on how you can finance your health services with Lending Club, please CONTACT our office.

Please note: Dallas Men’s Health does not accept insurance, HSA, or CareCredit payments as they do not cover any of the products, services, or procedures we offer.

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